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Meet Margaret

After having 3 children and being off work on maternity leave I was looking for a great group fitness class but everything on the market was either extreme and intimidating or fun and ineffective.

The Thought

As a qualified group fitness instructor, nutritionist and personal trainer, I knew what I needed, but after trying a variety of classes I never saw any real visible lasting results in my body. I like a class that’s fun and not torture. I want to enjoy it while I’m there and not just the feeling after, but I also want results. So I left my career in law to create my own class brand and Fuse-Fit was born.

The Idea

40 minutes of fun, effective, dance fitness, fused with 20 minutes of sculpt moves for female problem zones to help mix things up. The fusion came about as I realised women need variety to stimulate our brains and to transform our bodies.

The Perfect Class

To aid this transformation, the entire sculpt method changes with each new programme. I decided to use 5 key sculpt methods: power yoga, pilates, ballet, combat and body weight intervals. I found that many women are keen to try these methods but don’t want to do the full hour.

The Launch

The programmes were a massive hit and were continuously sold out with waiting lists. Within 6 months of teaching Fuse-Fit 3 times a week, I had proven my concept. At 38 and after 3 kids, my body was fitter and more toned than it had been in my 20’s. More importantly the results and changes being reported from members were phenomenal.

We Dance We Sculpt We Change