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1. The revolutionary female specific fusion programme designed to whittle away the mum tum, saggy bum, muffin top, bingo wings and saddle bag thighs.

"[Fuse-Fit is] fun, has the best music and gives amazing results!"

Fuse-Fit is a fitness class designed for women, by women. It is a combination of fun, dance cardio with body sculpt sessions created with the female physique in mind.

What is in the class?

Each class covers a 60 minute period, starting with 40 minutes of fun, easy dance cardio moves. This part of the work out focuses specifically on cardio, with dances designed to simultaneously target the arms and abs.

The final 20 minutes of the class is what makes Fuse-Fit so revolutionary. The last section of the class is filled by one of five key sculpt methods, specially chosen as they show successful toning and weight loss for the female body.

The Methods

The 5 rotating sculpt methods used are:

    1. Pilates
    2. Ballet
    3. Power Yoga
    4. Combat
    5. Body Weight Training

These methods are changed with every quarterly release – one programme it may be ballet and the next it may be combat – ensuring that it’s not just the routine that changes, it’s the entire strength concept as well. This keeps shocking the body and promotes weight loss, toning and strengthening.

We Dance We Sculpt We Change