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Are you interested in becoming a part of Fuse-Fit's story?

Fuse-Fit is the best fitness class for women. Join the Fuse-Fit revolution today and help women take control of their body again. Instructors love to teach Fuse-Fit because it provides them and their clients with variety. Click below to find training near you and become part of the Fuse-Fit revolution!

Why become a Fuse-Fit instructor?

  • Income
    • Guaranteed income as classes are paid upfront
  • Numbers
    • Sold out weekly classes
    • Trialled successfully in private gyms and halls and studios
  • Results
    • In the pilot group, 85% experienced weight loss and a toned, firmer body after coming for 3-6 months only once a week. Up to 17lbs lost in 8 weeks attending 3x per week.

Instructor Entry Requirements

  • Must be 16 years or older.
  • Any relevant experience will be taken into consideration
  • Preferably have one of the following prerequisites: Level 2 ETM; Level 2 Gym Instructor with a dance background; A Professional Dance qualification eg. Diploma/Degree/Teaching Qualification.
  • NQ, HNC, HND or degree level fitness or sport related courses.

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