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  • How Mixing Up Workouts Is The Best Way To Get Results

    How Mixing Up Workouts Is The Best Way To Get Results

    There is nothing worse than doing the same workout week in, week out. It’s boring, your body gets used to it, it doesn’t challenge you and worse still, you lose interest and stop.

    Adding variety to workouts helps keep you going, keep you interested and challenges the body to change. For these reasons and more, millions of women workout by going to a group fitness class. But is it not the case that although the routines in these classes change every 8-10 weeks, it is just a variation on the same theme? So whilst you are undoubtedly getting fit, your body is not really being challenged in a new and different way. This is no doubt why there are now countless group fitness brands and concepts on the market today. Every instructor and class member eventually gets bored of one concept and then trains in something new, with the cost of the course and licence fees racking up each time.

    That’s why Fuse-Fit has proven so effective. The class changes and as a result, your body does too. There are 2 unique factors with Fuse-Fit:- Firstly, the class consists of 2 workouts in 1 hour, dance for cardio and sculpt for strength; and secondly, the sculpt method completely changes with each new programme release. Fuse-Fit consists of 40 minutes of fun dance cardio. The remaining time is spent sculpting using one of 5 key traditional methods:- Pilates, Ballet, Power Yoga, Combat and Body Weight Intervals. Changing the class halfway through, together with changing the sculpt method with each new release, helps to encourage continued physical results and ensures that the class remains fun, fresh, and exciting for participants.

    Fuse-Fit is the most innovative concept on the group fitness market today. It has been market tested for 5 years and has delivered amazing results in weight loss, toning, muscle definition and cardiovascular fitness. Quite simply, it works!

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