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What is Fuse-Fit?

The fitness class we have all been waiting for. Watch our video to see why, and find out how to get involved.
Fuse-Fit has been promoted on the UK Diversity Dance Tour.

What's in a class?

The first 40 minutes of a Fuse-Fit class consists of a fun, energetic dance work-out – cardio without the burpees and significantly more enjoyment. The final 20 minutes of the hour long class focuses on sculpting the body through toning methods. The key to a Fuse-Fit class is that the toning methods change throughout the year, keeping your body on it’s feet and promoting continued results.  Learn more about the toning methods Fuse-Fit teaches to sculpt your body.

Will I get results?

Yes. Through attending our classes, customers have not only smashed weight loss targets, but have improved physical and mental health and become happier. And what’s better, our classes have produced these positive results consistently. If you don’t believe us, our 5 year history of success and our customer reviews speak for themselves. Read more about us to see what our customers have to say about their Fuse-Fit experience.

How is Fuse-Fit different?

Fuse-Fit founder Margaret was inspired to create a fun but effective fitness class for women when she was searching for a fitness class while on maternity leave and came up empty. By fusing a dance cardio class with a short, intense sculpting session that rotates from one discipline to another throughout the year, Margaret was able to create a class that was both fun and effective. Learn more about the rotation of toning methods that gives Fuse-Fit it’s unique edge.

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Five Key Sculpt Methods

A unique class focussing on cardio and tackling key strength areas. Fuse-Fit’s amazing results are achieved through the rotation of the class through its five key concepts. Learn more.

Optimise An Hour

40 minutes of cardio, followed by 20 minutes of either pilates, power yoga, ballet, fight moves or body weight training. The 2:1 design of Fuse-Fit’s classes will make your hour go further.

We Dance We Sculpt We Change